AWI's 2012 AWARD for Innovation: Innovyze's

IWLive BEST ROI (Return on Investment) for WATER OPERATORS. Pays for itself by avoiding a couple of water main breaks. Turns beginner and mid level operators into experts and empowers operators with advance real time risk management decision making and predictive control.

AWI's 2012 AWARD for Sustainable Sewer Product: POLYMER MANHOLES

Polymer Manholes

Geneva Polymer Manholes BEST ROI and Life-Cycle Costs

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Our nation's population centers are being plagued with sink holes and water boiling notices as our underground water and wastewater pipe networks fail. Three eras of pipe materials (1800's-1920's and Post-WWII) require renewal or replacement over the next decade due to age and corrosion.  It will not all fail at once, but it can not all be replaced at once either. Infrastructure asset management helps match the right timing to the available funding strategies. 

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Our Water and Wastewater rates may need to increase to pay for the renewal and repalcement of our aging and corroding infrastructure - however, we must implement asset management best practices in order to ensure that we manage our infrastructure at the lowest cost and at an acceptable level of service. As an author, I wanted to create a personal website to help educate and to offer visitors a “big picture” perspective regarding aging water and wastewater infrastructure (AWI). My hope is that the AWI resource center will bring together engineers-operators-maintenance-finance-IT-utility management-elected officials-citizens and allow us to come one step closer to making sustainable and affordable water services a reality.

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My research and writings are focused on indentifying innovative ways to balance risk with cost and sustainability with affordability.

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